To enable the youth in reshaping its future society that cherishes socio-cultural, economic, civil, and political equality for all.


To offer the youth with a political platform where they could be conscientize to overcome their political alienation.


  • To advocate for the active recognition of Youth’s constituency in the mainstream politics;
  • To rejuvenate the political character of youth through discourse, reflection, and praxis of democratic ideals;
  • To synthesize various political orientations towards the achievement of national ambitions through social democracy;
  • To institutionalize youth input into policy and decision-making processes around issues of national and international implications; and,
  • To enhance youth leadership for improved contribution towards a just, democratic, and prosperous Pakistan.


Our pledge is to be a democratic haven for all, transcending the bonds of cast, creed, language, ethnicity, gender, social standing or political orientation. We pursue grounds of reconciliation even with those who differ in political opinions, towards a synthesized alterity, fostering pluralistic and inclusive democracy.